Table of Contents

1 Christmas Island
2 Flight Preparations
3 Crossing the United States
4 Crossing the Atlantic
5 England
6 England to Greece
7 Greece to Dubai
8 Dubai to Thailand
9 Thailand to Australia
10 Crossing Australia
11 Australia to Hawaii
12 Hawaii to California – The Longest Flight
13 Heading Home – the Final Flight Legs
14 Preparations for Antarctica
15 Oregon to Florida
16 Crossing the Caribbean
17 On to Brazil
18 Southbound Through Argentina
19 Waiting in Punta Arenas
20 Giving Up and Going North
21 Chile and Easter Island
22 Peru and Machu Picchu
23 North to the USA
24 Westward and Home
25 Re-Thinking Antarctica
26 Santiago Southward
27 King George Island, Antarctica
Epilogue Epilogue

Appendix A Aviation Terminology
Appendix B Resources and Websites
Appendix C N788W weight and balance
Appendix D List of Flight Plan Routes
Appendix E Entry Procedures for Australia and Brazil
Appendix F Self-Handling at Brazilian Airports
Appendix G Antarctica Permit Documents

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